Deputation Condemning Turkish Aggression in Syria

As mentioned in our previous post, a protest meet against the Turkish government’s aggression in Syria was organised in Kolkata by three organisations, Pothe Ebar Namo Sathi, U.S.D.F.&P.D.S.F. Following this event, a mail has been sent to the Ambassador, Turkish Embassy in New Delhi, India, on behalf of these three organisations. Following is that mail sent to the Turkish Ambassador in New Delhi.


Shri., Şakir Özkan Torunlar,

Honourable Ambassador of Turkey,

Turkish Embassy

New Delhi, India

Your Excellency,

     We are a collective of citizens and students from Kolkata; who are greatly distressed and concerned with the recent Turkish military operations in North-Eastern Syria against local Kurdish populations. The military action which began on 9th October, 2019 with Turkish military entering Syrian territory is yet to cease despite severe humanitarian crisis in the region. Sixty Thousand Kurds have already been forced to flee the region in the face of withering Turkish assault. There are news reports emerging in the international media about the use of chemical weapons like Napalm and White Phosphorus, against Kurdish civilians particularly children by Turkish forces. Which, if proved, will be an indelible blemish against the honour of a great nation like Turkey with a long and rich heritage. Further, Turkey as a party to the UN Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), will be in explicit and unforgivable violation of international law, if it is using banned chemical weapons against Kurdish populations in Syria.

Turkey has a long history of world leadership and the present actions of the Turkish government to instigate and in some cases perpetuate numerous human rights abuses against Kurdish women and children are in a stark contrast to this history.  We, a citizen’s forum comprising of platforms of students, artists, development workers and ordinary citizens organised a protest meet near the Turkish Consulate in Kolkata on the 23rd October condemning the Turkish military aggression and human rights abuses in Northern Syria.  

We are of the mind that the Rojava political project of decentralized democracy of the Kurdish people, is a novel achievement in the history of democratic experiments of the world and should be preserved. The fact that the Rojava constitution known as the, Charter of the Social Contract is conceived in terms of multi-ethnic democratic confederalism, that is in close alliance with Universal Declaration of Human Rights is praiseworthy. As are the ideas of equal representation of both sexes in Rojava leadership and the long term policies on sustainable and ecological thinking which has found expression in the Rojava region.  

    As ordinary citizens of the world we are greatly concerned with the risk of annihilation of this exemplary social experiment in the Rojava region. Which makes peace in Syria more difficult by further displacing of civilian populations and creating an opportunity for disruptive fundamentalist forces to take root. This further destabilizes the fragile West Asian region which is crucial to the geopolitics of entire Asia. The collapse of the Kurdish forces and the Rojava autonomous region also threatens to unleash the barbaric forces of ISIL terrorists and theirs allies across Eurasia. Turkish government’s role in this conflict has only lead to naked human rights violation and political instability in the region.

We the undersigned platforms and organizations strongly condemn  the Turkish unilateral military actions in Syria which is threatening to exterminate the Kurdish people solely based on their language and ethnicity. Additionally, Turkey’s military aggression against Kurdish forces allows a resurrection of the ISIL ideology and project.  Which will render the region further unstable; and also threaten the security and safety of the citizens of the world in the near future. We support any attempt at a peaceful resolution of the question of Kurdish autonomy in concert with the United Nations Charter on Human Rights.  

At present, the world is keenly observing the aggressive policies of the Turkish government that has every possibility of resulting in ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish people. We hope that the people and the government of Turkey, will take a decision commensurate with their long civilizational history and stop this genocidal war against Kurdish people in Syria. Failing which, future history will not be a kind judge to either Turkey for perpetuating such barbarity or the citizens of the world for allowing this to happen.

Thanking you,

Soham Bose

On behalf of

Pothe Ebar Namo Sathi

United Students Democratic Front

Popular Democratic Students Front  

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