About Us

Padakhkhep is the bilingual (Bangla and English) web portal of the group Pothe Ebar Namo Sathi. It was founded by left leaning individuals who were united by their condemnation of the rise of Hindutva politics and majoritarian violence in India. The group is a democratic multi-centered forum with people from different political, social and professional backgrounds. However our common interests converge around the values of freedom of expression, democracy, equality and secularism.

As a people’s forum, we were born out of a pressing need to speak out against what we saw as the dissolution of democracy and gross violation of human rights in India. As the name suggests the group, Pothe Ebar Namo Sathi, was born with a desire to be vocal on the streets and public spaces and be part of the popular democratic resistance against Hindutva terrorism. The phrase Pothe Ebar Namo Sathi draws from a popular people’s anthem of Bengal urging the “People” to take to the streets in demands for a more equitable world.

Beside the necessity of grassroot resistance against Hindutva fascism we also acknowledge that the latter is a manifestation of larger socio-political crises that merit sustained documentation, criticism and theorization as a preparation for political innovations and experimentations. Padakkhep has this as its aim and function.

Though it is the web platform of Pothe Ebar Namo Sathi, Padakkhep is not exclusive to the members. It welcomes essays and other works from all quarters of society who agree with our vision for a better, more inclusive and equal India and the world. We also welcome critiques of any material published in the editorial as the political position of ‘Pothe Ebar Namo Sathi’; so that we gain an opportunity to forge a mutual dialogue